Reversal of Fortune


I once held everything in thrall.
They came, and took, and gave to you.
My finest things you don’t deserve —
I knew exactly what to do.

I carefully mixed the poison down,
distilled it, raised its potency.
I placed the poison in your drink
so stealthily, you did not see.

It looked so lovely, boiling there.
Your glass, a fine cauldron it made.
I reveled in the fantasy
of seeing the headstone at your grave.

I poured myself another glass
to reassure naught was amiss.
My toast and smile would dull the blow,
and blunt my poison’s deadly kiss.

And as I drank so deeply from
the glass I’d poured, my bitter wine,
I clutched my chest and realized
the drink that I’d poisoned was mine.

-C. G. Brown

One thought on “Reversal of Fortune

  1. Very well put, and so true.
    You have insight into minds. Keep writing your poems that will make us see ourselves and change our ways.


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