My Social Media Filter Guidelines

I spend far too much time on Facebook, like at least 100 million other people I don’t know. Processing that much information is a challenge. Fortunately, Facebook puts the site name in all caps in gray below any post. I’d like to share some of the techniques I use to determine what is newsworthy:, – Unbiased or biases will be obvious. Read it. – This is really important and will never, ever be reported in the US. Read it. – It will be funny and ridiculously stated but true. Read it. – It’s Obama’s fault. Skip it., – It’s liberals’ fault. Skip it. (I guess you could skim The Blaze if you’re conservative or want some balance) – Obama is the Manchurian Candidate. He’ll invite Yemeni religious zealots in to impose Sharia and steal your daughters. Skip it. – It’s the conservatives’ fault. Skip it unless you are a liberal that is feeling super partisan and want to co-sign that day., – It’s the conservatives’ fault, but here’s why. . . Skim it. – Rich liberals argue with rich conservatives. Read it to see how rich people think. – If you live there or the event you’re reading about happened there, read it. Otherwise, it’s probably a bad opinion piece. Skip it. – It’ll be funny, but the headline is usually the joke. Read the headline, read the article if you’re trying to burn some time.,, – It sounds awesome, but there’s absolutely no science behind it. Skip it, or at least check Snopes. – Could be celebrity dish, could be politics, could be defining issues of our time. Who knows? Probably skip it.

I hope this helps!

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